Domestic Sales Representative

Job Description
1. Belove the Sales job,have a clear dream and Career plan, Be able to challenge yourself
2.Be related to E-commerce major
3.Be smart and have a excellent lanuage expressing & communicating skills
4.Have sound values,brave, relentless personality.
5. Be good at getting along with people,and like the electronic industry.
6. Prefer to the candidate have at least one-year in the consume electronic industy.


1. 5 days/week, from 9:00-12:00  to 13:30-18:00
2. Providing the Sleeping bed for lunch break.
3.Working for one year will have a three-day off as bonus, Two year for a five-day, and so on.
4. Free travel outside once a year.
5. Double-salary for advanced staff at the end of year.
6. Enjoy Public Holidays and relatively present
7.Work overtime can be used to offset the leaving.


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