Job Description:

1.To maintain suppliers as well as communicate efficiently  about the delivery,quality,pirce.etc.

2.To make out monthly purchasing plan

3.To be good character,and need sign the 《business confidentiality agreement》 with company.

4. To do researching according to the market

5. To be able to communicate well with other departments.

6.To be a strong team awareness,patient, careful,Smart personalities

7. To be good at PC office-software.


1. 5 days/week, from 9:00-12:00  to 13:30-18:00
2. Providing the Sleeping bed for lunch break.
3.Working for one year will have a three-day off as bonus, Two year for a five-day, and so on.
4. Free travel outside once a year.
5. Double-salary for advanced staff at the end of year.
6. Enjoy Public Holidays and relatively present
7.Work overtime can be used to offset the leaving.


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