HD is  abbreviation of the“High Definition”which means " High Resolution".In simple terms,the format whose Native Resolution reaches more than 720P is called high definition.

FHD means Full-HD whose full name is Full High Definition.In general,its resolution could reach 1920*1080.When your video source reaches 1080P,LCD TV which supportes the  FHD resolution output  enables to show it perfectly.

UHD is abbreviation of the Ultre High Definition Television,which is the next generation technology of HD(High Definition) and Full HD. The ITU(Internationa Telecommunications Union) suggested that the dispaly of screen that is up to 2840*2160 and above calls UHD.The UHD is as twice as normal FullHD in length and width ,fourfold in demensions,which is also called 4K 2K.


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