What is Samsung

Samsung Display established on 1st July 2012 to provide the best solution to customers and to develop core technology competence. 

Samsung Display succeeds in mass produced AMOLED for the first time in the world with Samsung’s leading-age technology TFT-LCD and the company is the world’s No.1 in the display market

3 Business places in Korea ( Asan campus, Cheonan campus, Giheung campus) Research centre ( Giheung, Cheonan)

4 Overseas production bases (Tianjin, Dongguan, Suzhou, Slovakia)

LCD and AMOLE mass production line in Asan campus,

Medium-Small size AMOLED mass production line and Medium-Small size LCD mass production line in Cheonan, R&D, salesㆍMarketing department in Giheung.

The main products are AMOLED panel, TFT LCD Panel. 

The vision of Samsung display is “Display beyond Imagination”. Samsung display's vision means creating new market and leading the future through the product with creative innovation technologies that no one can make.

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Select Picture Model No Brand Size Brightness Resolution Viewing angle Lamp Type Signal interface Application
LTM340YP02 SAMSUNG 34 300 3440*1440 89*89*89*89 WLED EDP Public Display
LTM340YP01 SAMSUNG 34 350 3440*1440 89*89*89*89 WLED EDP Public Display
LTM240CT04 SAMSUNG 24 300 1920*1200 80*80*80*80 CCFL LVDS Public Display
LTM230HL08 SAMSUNG 23 250 1920*1080 89*89*89*89 WLED LVDS Public Display
LTM190M2-L31 SAMSUNG 19 300 1440*900 80*80*80*80 CCFL LVDS Public Display
LTI820HD03 SAMSUNG 82 450 1920*1080 89*89*89*89 CCFL LVDS Public Display
LTI430LA01 SAMSUNG 43 700 1920*480 89*89*89*89 CCFL LVDS Public Display
LTI460HN11 SAMSUNG 46 500 1920*1080 89*89*89*89 WLED LVDS DID
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